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Pierino Private Label

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Pierino Private Label Products:
Your Pasta. Made Perfect.

What’s the foundation of a perfect meal? Pasta that’s easy and quick to prepare, and that’s sure to be delicious – every time. Pierino has perfected the art of creating consistent, high-quality pasta for some of America’s leading restaurants and food brands – and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Our high-volume facility produces private-brand products that meet your highest standards for freshness, flavor, consistency—and economy. Whether made from your custom recipe or one of our family’s time-honored favorites, Pierino Private Label products can provide your restaurant, chain, or retail brand with a top-quality product that’s sure to meet the needs of your most demanding customer – and your bottom line.

100% Delicious. 100% Yours.

You want your restaurant or brand to stand apart – and you want your pasta to as well. We perfectly replicate your custom recipes, ensuring that your customers receive the same unique flavor and texture that you want them to. Our experienced, highly skilled production staff are experts in maintaining absolute precision in mixing, cooking, and packaging from one batch to the next, ensuring absolute consistency in the high quality of product you receive from us.

Rest assured: Your “secret recipes” are safe with us. As in all aspects of our business, we’ve built our success and our reputation upon maintaining the highest ethical standards, including the strict confidentiality of our customers’ proprietary information. Your pasta is yours, and no one else’s.

Perfect Pasta – At Any Scale.

How much perfect pasta do you need? We’re ready to help. Our modern, high-volume production facility is able to deliver as much as you need, when you need it, and packaged precisely to your specifications—whether in bulk, or in precisely portion-controlled single servings. Our central location, proximity to shipping routes, and relationships with leading transportation firms enable us to get your product to you quickly, wherever you may be.

Ready to serve up something special? Contact us and one of our private label professionals will consult with you soon to discuss the possibilities.