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Pierino Restaurant Services

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Perfect Pasta – Made To Your High Standards

Pierino pasta tastes great – but that’s only the beginning of the value it offers to our restaurant clients:

  • Quality.

    Pierino Pasta is made to the highest possible quality standards. Our ingredients, packaging, and manufacturing processes all adhere to applicable government standards. Our full complement of health and safety certifications ensures that the pasta you serve your customers is fresh, wholesome, safe, and contaminant-free.

  • Economy.

    Efficient manufacturing processes, advanced equipment, and a company ethic focused on delivering value to each of our customer’s means that we are able to provide a top-quality product at highly competitive prices.

  • Flexibility.

    We work to provide all of our valued restaurant clients with great products and quality service, and will do our best to accommodate your company’s unique needs – whether you’re a single location or a chain with thousands of outlets.

  • Ease of Use.

    We make our products easy to order, store, prepare, and serve. Precise portion control packaging and microwave-friendly preparation make it easy to integrate premier-quality pasta into your menu.

Our company is proud to supply our outstanding quality pasta to one of America’s leading seafood restaurant chains, where it is a core ingredient in many of their most popular and profitable dishes. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to explore how to put Pierino Pasta to work for you.