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Posted on Sep 7, 2016 in News | 0 comments

5 Surprising Facts About Pasta

5 Surprising Facts About Pasta

When you’ve made pasta for years and years, you learn a thing or two that the average person would never even think about. Pasta may seem fairly straightforward, but there’s actually a lot more than meets the eye. As people who have been immersed in the pasta industry for generations, we’re sharing some curious insights into everyone’s favorite Italian dinner.

  • Pasta contains protein. At the end of the day, pasta is a carbohydrate, but it also is a great way to squeeze in some protein. One cup of pasta can contain as much as 8 grams of protein. If you’re looking for pasta with more protein than the rest, look for bean pastas, ancient grain pastas, or sprouted grain pastas. All these types also contain more fiber than the average pasta, which further boosts the nutritional value.
  • Al dente pasta is more filling. Pasta that is cooked al dente (which means “to the tooth”) sticks with you longer, as it takes longer for your body to digest. As such, this is a great option if you want the meal to stick with you.
  • Pasta is a sustainable food. Unfortunately, animal-based foods have a large environmental impact due to the land, energy, and water necessary to produce them. Plant-based foods, like fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes are much more sustainable. Though some pastas do contain eggs, they are primarily grain — making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly food. Given the increasingly worrisome state of the environment, we’re happy to be serving a sustainable product!
  • Not all pastas and sauces are interchangeable. No one is stopping you from using any sauce with any pasta…but as pasta aficionados, we’ll be the first to tell you that some sauces really do pair better with others. We wrote a post on this a little while ago, but in a nutshell, creamy sauces work best with long, flat strands. In comparison, chunky sauces work well with short, tubular pastas.
  • Thomas Jefferson was one of America’s first pasta ambassadors. Thomas Jefferson is credited with bringing a macaroni-making machine to the United States after a trip to France, and it is said that he served mac n cheese at a presidential dinner in 1802. Much later (in 1937), Kraft started selling their mac n cheese boxes that could feed four people for a nickel. They were a hit during the Great Depression, and have remained an iconic part of American cuisine ever since.

We take our pasta very seriously, which is why we cut no corners in producing the best pasta products around. For delicious pasta, look no further than Pierinos!

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