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Posted on Aug 10, 2017 in News | 0 comments

Five Authentic Italian Dishes You Can Make at Home

Photo by Jorge Zapata https://unsplash.com/photos/4nXkhLCrkLo

Photo by Jorge Zapata https://unsplash.com/photos/4nXkhLCrkLo

Italy is unrivaled when it comes to pasta dishes. Obviously, Italians are number one at whipping up a delicious combination of pasta, sauce, and meats. It would be fantastic if all of us could go to Italy to enjoy these classic dishes, but that’s not a reality for most. Luckily, you can easily bring Italy to your kitchen with these five authentic Italian dishes.


Carbonara is a classic Italian dish with egg yolk as the main ingredient. Traditional carbonara consists of guanciale (cured pork made from pig cheek) and Pecorino cheese, often mixed with Parmesan to create a delicious sauce. Some American carbonara recipes consist of cream and milk to create a creamier sauce. However, traditional carbonara never calls for any cream or milk additions. Traditional carbonara sauce ends up being creamy, smooth, and yellow. Lastly, serve this delicious dish over spaghetti, rigatoni, or penne pasta.


Most traditional Italian dishes involve Pecorino cheese and guanciale as classic Italian dish staples. Interestingly, the Italian pasta dish, Amatriciana, gets its name from the mountain village of Amatrice. Some say this is where the best guanciale can be found. This dish consists of rice and a flavorful tomato sauce, crunchy guanciale chunks, and mounds of Pecorino cheese. Consider pairing Amatriciana sauce with spaghetti or rigatoni pasta.

Italian Wedding Soup

This delicious soup is traditionally served at Italian weddings but is just as delicious for any occasion. Italian Wedding Soup consists of extra lean ground beef that is made into meatballs with thinly sliced spinach, orzo macaroni, and finely chopped carrot. In fact, top this meal off with a large helping of Parmesan cheese to give it more flavor.

Pasta Ai Fiori Di Zucca

Pasta Ai Fiori Di Zucca or Pasta with zucchini blossoms is a traditional Italian pasta dish. Most notably, it highlights all the classic Italian flavors that we love. This dish beautifully combines zucchini blossoms, garlic, saffron, and Parmesan cheese. Without delay, serve this meal with penne pasta.

Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini

This Italian soup embodies all of the wonders of Italian cooking. To be sure, Italian sausage soup with tortellini is a delicious combination of Italian sausage, garlic, tomatoes, and red wines. This dish is sure to leave your mouth watering. Italian sausage soup is traditionally made with tortellini pasta and topped with Parmesan cheese.
Authentic Italian pasta dishes bring classic Italian flavors into your kitchen. Whether it’s a classic carbonara sauce or a traditional Italian Wedding Soup, Pierino Frozen Foods has the pasta that you need. In fact, we provide authentic Italian pasta to help bring authentic Italian dishes into your household. For your pasta needs, contact us at 866-GO-PASTA.

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