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Posted on Jan 4, 2016 in News | 1 comment

New Year, New “Pasta-bilities”!

New Year, New “Pasta-bilities”!

Welcome to 2016! It’s a brand new year, bursting with promise and possibility. Naturally, we’re just as excited about this as everybody else – we’re looking forward to a great year ahead. This particular new year, though, represents something even more special than usual to us. Pierino Foods is growing and changing – and we’re doing so in a few ways that might have seemed unimaginable a few years ago.

We are a family firm, founded on a proud family name and our own signature pasta recipes. For decades, we’ve built our business on our reputation for integrity, consistency and quality. We’re known as a company that’s remained true to our core goals and principles, and we’ve built a solid bond of trust with our business partners and the buying public that would be the envy of many other companies. We’re proud of that.

It’s been a steady, orderly process that’s gotten us to our current level of success. We began with one man’s dream, a home kitchen, and a lot of hard work; gradually, we’ve built upon that dream to become a nationally known supplier to some of America’s leading food service and restaurant organizations.

All things must change, of course – and in this case, they’re going to be changing for the better. We’ll still be Pierino – the family-owned, family-run company that makes some of the best pasta you’ve ever tasted. But we’re going to be a lot more, too.

Our 45 years in the business have taught us a few things more than just how to make great pasta. We’ve become experts in logistics and distribution. We’ve learned how to freeze, package, and ship our products for the best possible purity and freshness. We’ve learned how to run an economically solid business, how to produce efficiently, how to build relationships throughout our industry, and how to develop processes for continuous improvement that result in our products and our business becoming steadily better and better.

Now, we’re ready to take what we’ve learned and apply it in some new and exciting ways. You’ll be reading about them in detail in this space in the coming months, but for now, we’ve got to keep a lot of the specifics under wraps. Suffice to say that it’s exciting stuff, marking new thinking, new growth, and new possibilities for our company. As of the beginning of 2016, we’re still southeast Michigan’s premier producer of outstanding pasta—but we’ve also become world-class frozen packaged foods experts, and we remain a company guided by vision and committed to quality. All of that adds up to our promise to build on today’s Pierino to create an even stronger, more versatile company – and deliver even more and better products to our customers.

2016 is going to be an exciting, fast-paced, memorable year in our company’s history, and we can’t wait for all our new plans to unfold. In the meantime, we’re glad to be here – and glad to have you along for the ride. Some great things are ahead.

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  1. Love your pasta!! Can you please send me some of your coupons?

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