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Posted on Jun 8, 2017 in News | 0 comments

Sauce Pairings for Your Favorite Noodles

Sauce Pairings for Your Favorite Noodles

One of the best things about making pasta for dinner is how easy it is. All it takes is a pot, a strainer, sauce, and your favorite noodles. Often times, pasta sauce is paired with noodles without much too much deliberation. Like most people, you probably pair noodles and sauce based on past experiences, suggestions, and the random act of spontaneity. However, pasta is one of the most creative and rewarding dishes on your dinner table. All it takes is a little research; but don’t worry, we’ve done some of this for you. Keep reading to find which sauce pairings work perfectly with your favorite noodles.

Spaghetti, Linguine, Vermicelli

Noodles may be fun to eat because of their unique shapes, but these shapes help contribute to pairing the kinds of sauces that best compliment them. Long and thin noodles are best paired with cream or oil based sauces. These include noodles like Fusill, Lunghi, Linguine, Spaghetti, and Vermicelli. This is because thin noodles don’t have much standing power against thick sauces. Most Americanized versions of pasta use too much sauce in comparison to their authentic Italian counterparts. Don’t hesitate to give this sauce pairing a try to create your own taste of Italy at home.


Long, flat, and thick noodles like Fettuccine go best with rich cream based sauces. The perfect example of this is Fettuccine Alfredo. Because of the thickness of these noodles, they are able to withstand the richness of the sauces without compromising their figure and mouthfeel. The thicker red sauces go best with red meats, while the thicker cream sauces go great with seafood or light chicken.

Penne, Ziti, Rigatoni

The tube-like noodles, penne, ziti, and rigatoni are one of the most “versatile” noodles available to pasta lovers. Their large tubes allow the noodle to withhold richer sauces that would otherwise weigh down a thinner noodle. Additional meats and vegetables are welcome in these utilitarian dishes. The ridged alterations of large tube-shaped noodles allow them to grip onto lighter sauces if that’s your desired consistency.


Some noodles are better off baked in dishes than out in sauce on their own. Noodles like Macaroni are essential to baked pasta dishes. Classically known for being half of the formula to Macaroni and Cheese, these noodles go great in soups and salads as well. Don’t expect these noodles to pair well with thicker sauces. In those instances, you will be eating more sauce than Macaroni because of their small size.

There’s no “right” way to eat your pasta. However, there certainly are ways to better pair your sauce and noodles. The best pairings work to create a more unified experience. Give these pairings a try and see what works best for you. There’s no end to the possibilities that pasta presents; especially when combining the perfect sauce and your favorite noodles. Pierino proudly supplies the best pastas to pair with any sauce. Look for our products in your grocery store.

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