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Posted on Jul 6, 2017 in News | 0 comments

What Seasonings to Add to Your Pasta for Unique Flavor

What Seasonings to Add to Your Pasta for Unique Flavor

Pasta makes the perfect base for a wide variety of dishes. One of the great things about pasta is that it comes in so many shapes and sizes. Different kinds of pasta offer slightly different flavors but they tend to be on the bland side. Pasta was made to be intertwined with delicious seasonings. This is why pasta is one of the most versatile foods; it can be turned into several different concoctions. Next time you want to spice up your pasta, consider adding these seasonings to your pasta and create something unique.


Herbs are perfect for mixing with pasta. They bring an earthy vibe to any pasta dish. Adding the right combination of herbs can turn your pasta into an entirely new dish. Some classic herbs to add to pasta include oregano, thyme, parsley, rosemary, and basil. Each of these provides their own unique flavors. When choosing which herbs to add to your pasta, keep in mind what other additions you are having in or with your dish. One herb and pasta combination that works well together is basil and tomatoes. Try adding basil when you are using tomatoes or a tomato-based sauce with your pasta. It will enhance your dish. Another combination includes rosemary and chicken. Try adding rosemary when cooking a chicken and pasta dish. When trying to spice up your pasta, try these herbs in different combinations to create unique and tasty flavors.


Spices are an excellent addition to any pasta dish. There are several different spices that make a great addition to pasta. Some of the best spices to add to pasta are red pepper flakes, nutmeg, black pepper, and garlic. Red pepper flakes and nutmeg are a great spice combination when you are looking for more of that classic Italian taste. Black pepper and garlic work well with an alfredo sauce covered pasta. Experiment with spices next time you are having pasta to create new and delicious flavors.

Pasta is a classic meal. Best of all, it helps create a wide variety of dishes. Adding the previously mentioned combinations of seasonings creates a unique pasta flavor to fit anyone’s taste buds. Pierino Frozen Foods offers a wide variety of quality gourmet pasta that can be turned into different flavors of dishes. Pierino Frozen Foods’ pasta is a favorite foundation for new and classic Italian dishes. Add different herbs and spices to our pasta to create unique and delicious flavors. For your pasta needs, call Pierino Frozen Foods at 866-GO-PASTA.

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