How it’s Made

Pierinos Perfect Pasta

The Secret To Perfect Pasta.

What sets Pierino pasta apart? Quality. We make the best by starting with the best: All varieties of Pierino pasta start with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients available, expertly mixed, carefully cooked, and perfectly packaged to seal in freshness and flavor.

pierino frozen foods ravioli

Greatness Goes In First.

We begin with our pasta dough. Unlike most major national brands, we don’t skimp on the “good stuff:” The extra eggs in Pierino dough create pasta that looks better, tastes better, holds its shape better, and makes for a more satisfying meal – every time. The finest flour, ground to the perfect consistency, ensures an evenness of texture and flavor that other brands just can’t match. Preparation in clean facilities using state-of-the-art equipment ensures that each recipe is perfectly executed, that each batch of pasta we produce is every bit as nutritious and flavorful as the one before it.

pierino frozen foods button tortellini

Check – and Double Check.

All Pierino products are made to the strictest quality, health and safety specifications possible. Before our name goes on the package, we make sure that the product going in meets these high standards through a series of careful inspections. We test every batch of Pierino pasta to make sure that quality and safety are never compromised, and that our customers receive the full measure of freshness and flavor they deserve.

pierino frozen foods tortellini

Packaged For Perfection.

Perfect pasta has to reach our customers in the same flawless condition as it was in at the moment it was made. Our products are carefully measured, flash frozen, flavor sealed, and freshness date stamped to ensure that our customers get just what they bought and precisely what they deserve: Nothing but the best.